Friday Night Cannon Fodder Episode 9

Join us as DadtheGeek plays through the new Strike, an updated Strike and a Crucible match. We also have plenty of hilarity and respawns on this one!  — Watch live on Friday Nights for “Cannon Fodder w/ DadtheGeek at 8pm EST at


About DadtheGeek

My name is Trey. I work as a Middle School Math and Theology teacher. I have my degree in Humanities from the University of South Florida. My family and I make our home in Central Florida. I’m into all kinds of geeky/nerdy things, mainly superheroes, comics, video games, tabletop/board games. The second half of this thing is that I am a very proud father of a four year old daughter (Claire) who is very into Disney Princesses and Mickey and Minnie Mouse and one year old Simon. Claire also enjoys helping around the house and with my geek hobbies. My wife Amanda and I also have 2 canine children, Vincent and Evie, who round out the house and keep things interesting.
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One Response to Friday Night Cannon Fodder Episode 9

  1. DadtheGeek says:

    Thanks for the likes! If you like the show we are live on every Friday at 8 Eastern


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