The Nintendo Ecosystem… is it worth it?

Nintendo used to be THE console to have for video games, all the way up to I would say the Nintendo 64. Then with the premier of the Xbox and Playstation, the popularity of Nintendo’s consoles has declined.

This year Nintendo announced their new console the Switch. Take a look:

This thing looks amazing! However let’s temper our excitement and realize that 3rd party support has been promised in the past, particularly for the Wii U, which is still yet to be seen.

This begs the question, is the Nintendo ecosystem worth the cost?

First let us explain that we are talking about the complete cost, not just the material cost. We are also talking about the fact that we might be limited in our choice of games, especially if third party support is either limited or nonexistent.

Let us take third party support out of the equation for a second and base the decision of whether or not it is worth it solely based on what is expected to appear as games from Nintendo. Surely a new version of Mario Kart, Super Mario, and possibly Super Smash Bros. Possibly a port of Pokemon Sun and Moon, and most likely the next generation of Pokemon (I am expecting the Switch to take over the DS market share and Nintendo will have consolidated it’s mobile device SKU and console SKU with the Switch). Are these games alone worth it? For some members of the Committee the answer is yes.

Kyle says “Their single player games are great; it’s their multiplayer games that really keep the consoles going. Smash and Mario Kart have kept me long playing my Wii U after finishing their usually shorter, but enjoyable single player games.” But he tempers his opinion with, “The problem is that Nintendo just doesn’t have the developing power or the infrastructure to make this their main driving force. This isn’t really a problem on the 3DS with the loads of 3rd party support, but I’d be cautious about the Switch. Nintendo promised a lot of 3rd party support with the Wii U, but it dried up after the port party ended. It’s a hard sell in 2017.”

Alex (Gambit) says “I love Nintendo games too much to not be biased about this topic 😛 lol”

Alex (ProJunk) says “Its true Nintendo has struggled providing their customers with the support and amenities that the want but it’s still a subjective matter. Games like Mario, Pokemon, and Smash Bros have lasted decades because they’re great games. I think people who grew up with those games probably wont abandon them so easily. So it becomes worth it each time.”

Omar has the opposite opinion and states “Not anymore in my opinion because those titles are pretty much the ‘Call of Duty’ for Nintendo, minor tweaks with each new game, but overall the same old stuff.”

Joey says, “I was actually just thinking about this the other day. It is becoming less worth it, especially with the new Pokemon game not really using the 3d capabilities of the 3ds. Though, I think Nintendo realizes this and is moving toward one unified console for gaming at home and on the go: the Switch. This would allow them to not differentiate games anymore. No more choosing between handheld or console or having their sales split. To answer the question directly, it has begun to lose worth but Nintendo is moving in the right direction to correct it.”

For me personally, buying the Switch is still a toss up. As my kids get older, and more into video games, I am tempted to say yes to the Switch. Nintendo has always had the most games that were family friendly. While this reasoning is compelling, in an age of iPads and other devices which my children could use for more than just games, it is a bit of a hard sell. It is, in my opinion, a second tier device though. If I were to get it, it would not be my only gaming console.

I truly hope that the Switch from Nintendo lives up to all of the extra hype surrounding it. It truly looks like an innovative concept and design and I look forward to hopefully testing one out soon.

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