Listen Up, Nerds: Geeky Audio for Your Workout Routine

It’s not easy getting your butt outside to go for a run. It’s only going to get more difficult as the sun beats down harder in the coming months. However, nerds everywhere have created oodles and oodles of audio content for your listening pleasure. Utilize any of the following suggestions, and your power level will be over 9000 before you know it.

  1. Zombies, Run! – This app functions as both a fitness tracker and a podcast. In between songs on your regular running playlist, you receive messages via a “walkie-talkie” (in reality, whatever you’re using to run the app) from a nearby township of survivors of the zombie outbreak. During your workout, you complete missions for this township, meet all kinds of characters, and collect supplies to help “build” the township (an in-app reward system). Using a particular setting, you can also have hordes of zombies chase you at any time, motivating you to put on a burst of speed or else lose some of your items. The stories are compelling, the fitness tracking is easy to use, and it lets you use the music you already love. Win-win-win. 
  2. My Brother, My Brother, and Me – Three brothers sit around and answer dumb questions posted on Yahoo! Answers. While this podcast’s premise is simple, it never ceases to entertain. I almost fell off a treadmill from laughing so hard the first time I listened to these guys. The stupidity of the questions they tackle is astounding, and the answers they come up with are hilarious. However, it’s the camaraderie between the brothers that gives the show its magic. MBMBaM is a must-listen for anyone who has siblings, wishes they had siblings, or loves hearing about the absurdity of human beings. 
  3. Splendor & Misery by clipping. – I realize that hardcore rap is not everyone’s thing. Heck, it’s not even my thing, really. However, this concept album is so off-the-walls ambitious and nerdy and full of energy; everyone needs to know about it. The album tells the story of a slave who wakes up on a spaceship. All the other passengers are dead. The slave contemplates his lonely existence, and while he does so, the spaceship’s operating system offers him friendship. Over time, the spaceship falls in love with the slave. Nerdiest. Story. Ever. The beats and lyrics of these songs will have no trouble getting you hyped to run several miles or lift weights. Oh, I forgot to mention – the rapper on this album is Daveed Diggs, the original Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson in “Hamilton.” You’re welcome. 
  4. Every Anime Theme Song, Ever – Seriously, have you listened to anime theme songs? They’re not even in the vicinity of messing around. Each one is so hype that I want to punch my fist in the air or do several laps around the house whenever they come on TV. I’m partial to the opening of “Sword Art Online” and, of course, “One Punch Man.”
  5. Critical Role – This one is my personal favorite of this list. While I don’t listen to CR while exercising (usually I have it on during long car rides or at work, with headphones), the action of the battles provides an incredibly pumped-up atmosphere that could aid your workout. CR is a show in which voice actors come together once a week to play Dungeons & Dragons. It’s equal parts hilarious (in one episode they transform themselves into cows) and badass (they slay enemies on an every-episode basis). If you enjoy well-crafted stories centered around found-families, I cannot recommend this show enough. Be warned, the only way to listen to this show is through YouTube, so watch it where you have wifi.

Anything missing from this list? Add it in the comments section!

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