About Us

“The Committee” began as a joking attempt to explain why one of our friends would constantly be gifted with amazing gear and loot while playing the popular first person shooter “Destiny”, and the rest of us were gifted in mediocre gear or, oftentimes, no gear at all. We decided that The Powers that Be, or “The Destiny Committee”, must like him more. Eventually “The Committee” stuck as a name for group chats about video gaming in general.
Now, “We the Committee” is a multi-contributor blog run by family and found-family in an effort to bring you a dynamic entertainment experience ranging from geeky crafts to metafictional discussions to livestreams of popular games.
We the Committee would like to introduce you to our members:

Trey –

Trey lives in Florida with his family of four. He began writing a geeky parent blog titled “Dad the Geek” several years ago. He has taken the moniker to heart and will make his contributions to this site under it. He enjoys the Marvel Cinematic Universe, comics like Batman and Rat Queens, and video and tabletop games specifically games that can be played socially, either online or in person. He is the proud father of a 4 year old daughter and a 1 year old son. “DadtheGeek” will share his thoughts on geek culture and raising kids within that culture. Follow Trey on Twitter, tumblr, and Instagram @dadthegeekblog

Lucy –

Legal assistant by day, MFA student by night. Nerd and writer all the time. Lucy (sister of Trey) takes pride in her knowledge of useless facts, her ability to sleep anywhere, and her tendency to bounce from obsession to obsession. She is currently distracting herself from her Master’s thesis by writing about superheroes with chronic illnesses and mythical creature gang wars. You can find her on Twitter @lucysnee. You will never, ever find her tumblr.

Alex –

A bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman…wait. Wrong Alexander. This Alex is an artist currently studying for his Bachelor’s Degree in Game Design. He loves experiencing complex stories through video games, rewatching The Office, and eating Sarku chicken. He will stop whatever he’s doing if you start showing him cute animal videos. You can find him on Twitter @alexboyd540.

Amanda –

Amanda founded craft company “Essence of M&D” on Etsy.com late last year where she creates products for your home. She is married to “DadtheGeek” Trey and claims to be the only “normal” member of the Committee. She will share her thoughts on living with a geek and once a month will lead us through creating a geeky themed craft. Check out Amanda’s Etsy store here.