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My name is Trey. I work as a Middle School Math and Theology teacher. I have my degree in Humanities from the University of South Florida. My family and I make our home in Central Florida. I’m into all kinds of geeky/nerdy things, mainly superheroes, comics, video games, tabletop/board games. The second half of this thing is that I am a very proud father of a four year old daughter (Claire) who is very into Disney Princesses and Mickey and Minnie Mouse and one year old Simon. Claire also enjoys helping around the house and with my geek hobbies. My wife Amanda and I also have 2 canine children, Vincent and Evie, who round out the house and keep things interesting.

The Committee Meeting 1


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Cannon Fodder Episode 19

A legend is born during this broadcast, the legend of Scotty_Adams. Join Trey and all the others for some Overwatch fun. Like what you see? We are offering some awesome perks over on our Patreon Page Also Like and Follow our social media pages.

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Cannon Fodder Episode 17

Episode 17 of Cannon Fodder. Enjoy Trey, the Alex’s, Joey, and Rami for a fun Overwatch adventure.     Like what you see? Please consider supporting us on our Patreon Page. Also Like and Follow our social media accounts.

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Cannon Fodder Episode 15

Alex takes control for the last Episode of 2016. Enjoy some fun times as well as the fastest win in Committee history. If you enjoyed the episode please consider Following us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook. Also consider contributing to our Patreon page.

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New Post for DadtheGeek

Hey guys! Please checkout DadtheGeek’s new post over on his blog. Also check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch.

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The Nintendo Ecosystem… is it worth it?

Nintendo used to be THE console to have for video games, all the way up to I would say the Nintendo 64. Then with the premier of the Xbox and Playstation, the popularity of Nintendo’s consoles has declined. This year … Continue reading

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On the Radar for 2017

We the Committee thought that we would compile a list of things that were on our collective “radars” for the coming year. These are things that we are looking forward to either seeing, playing, or attending. The list is in … Continue reading

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